Over 500 freight forwarding staff from all over the UK attended the recent series of 10 SAD H roadshows staged by leading Customs software supplier Impatex. They went away clearly relieved.

Impatex held the roadshows in an effort to stem concerns over the industry’s readiness to implement the new Harmonised SAD (Single Administrative Document), following scaremongering statements made by another software supplier, who claimed publicly that nobody would be ready for SAD H.

Just days before the roadshows began, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) announced that SAD H Day, originally scheduled for July 1st, was to be postponed until further notice. But Impatex still went ahead with its seminars in order to reassure its customers.

Says Impatex MD Peter Day: “The general view expressed by those who saw our system working with the new SAD format was “So what’s all the fuss about?”

“The whole exercise was costly and time-consuming for us, but was certainly worthwhile. Prior to the ‘Roadshows’, many of our customers contacted us with concerns over SAD H, stirred up by the negative statements in the press.  But, since we ran the ‘Roadshows’, we have had no more calls from customers worried about SAD H. A few non-customers who attended have now expressed an interest in our software, because we are obviously ready for SAD H – whenever it finally arrives.”

HMRC is now planning on SAD H going ‘live’ on 1st October, with the full HMUT dataset being available for testing from 1st July. Impatex will spend July testing its  software, for release in early August, giving customers a full two months to acclimatise before the switch to SAD H. During that time, Impatex customers will be able select whether they handle each Customs entry in the new or old format, and in the event of any problems with SAD H as a whole, they will be able to switch back to the old format without any changes to their systems.


Note to Editors:

Impatex has supplied Customs processing systems since 1980, and pioneered ‘Intelligent’ DTI in 1983 to coincide with the introduction of FCP80 for the Felixstowe ocean community.  The Impatex multi-modal Customs Manager software uniquely interfaces with all the DTI Communities – CCS-UK, CNS, Dover, MCP, and Pentant. The system comprises 9 modules covering DTI, ERTS, NES, NCTS, CFSP, Warehousing, OPR, IPR and Intrastats – all automatically validated against the full HM Customs Tariff which is updated monthly. Customs Manager is in use by hundreds of UK multi-modal freight forwarding companies of all sizes – including most of the major multi-nationals – together with many importers and exporters.

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